• Jen Bedard

Finding a Home That Matches Your Lifestyle

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

Gaius Plinius Secundus famously said, “Home is where your heart is.” That’s very true – your home is more than a place to rest your head at night. It’s where you raise your family, entertain friends, and escape the day-to-day demands of the world. When your home reflects your personality and lifestyle, it makes coming home at the end of the day a joyful experience. From décor to size to neighborhood, choosing the right home is an important part of the house buying experience. You want a home that defines – almost celebrates – who you are.

Foodies will want a very different kitchen than busy executives who eat most meals out. Families with young children will want a very different home than confirmed bachelors. To find the right home for your lifestyle, ask yourself the following questions as you look at homes with your Realtor:

  • Is your home your private haven or a place where you’ll do a lot of entertaining?

  • Is your family young or are you an empty-nester?

  • Do you have hobbies that require their own working space?

  • Are you running a home-based business?

  • Do you enjoy gardening or would you prefer a pool?

  • Do you prefer the orderliness of a Home Owners Association or the freedom of a more open community?

  • Are you an avid reader who requires built in shelving and a private library?

  • Are you a creative personality who prefers colors and interesting architecture?