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Take The Headache Out of Moving With These 5 Tips

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Buying a new home is one of life’s most exciting events. Once you’ve found the right home, though, you’re faced with the enormous task of moving. One of the best pieces of advice any Realtor or moving company will give you is this – declutter, declutter, declutter. When you start the moving process by giving away, donating, recycling or tossing unneeded items, you give yourself a huge jumpstart. These additional five tips will also help simplify your move.

  1. Pack an Overnight Bag for Each Family Member Make sure each bag contains two clean, complete outfits. Include toiletries, prescription medications, face towels, a drying towel, makeup, and shoes. Trust me – you’ll appreciate being able to take a shower, brush your teeth, and get dressed without having to root through boxes to do so.

  2. Label Everything – Seriously, EVERYTHING Labeling eases your move in three smart ways. First, you’ll avoid tossing (and potentially ruining) boxes that contain fragile items. Second, it lets you load the moving truck in the order you’ll unload it. Finally, you won’t have to live with boxes stacked to the ceiling in your living room. Instead, as each box is taken off the truck, it gets instantly relegated to its corresponding room.

  3. Make Time for Your Move At the very least, take the day before and the day after your move off. Ideally, two days before and after, a move will allow you to pack and unpack without rushing and settle into your new home before returning to the demands of your work place.

  4. Make an in & Out Checklist Fill out change of address forms, schedule stop and restart dates for cable and internet service and turn off and turn on utilities. If your family includes children, take care of transferring them out of their current school and acquainting them with their new school. Return library books and other borrowed items at least a week in advance of your move. Check my Real Estate Resources page for handy checklists.

  5. Make Necessary Copies Make copies of the keys to your new home for each family member. Make an extra set for emergencies and accidental lock outs (leave them with a trusted family member or friend). Pack a document folder with a copy of birth certificates, driver’s licenses, and other identifying documents. Include insurance papers, vehicle registrations, and any other paperwork you might need to establish your new residence.

The most important part of the moving experience is to build in some fun. Take breaks throughout the day to celebrate your purchase, play a quick card game with the family over lunch, and plan how you’ll decorate each room. Moving doesn’t have to be all stress. It can actually be fun and exciting with a little strategic planning and an attitude of gratitude.

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