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Inexpensive Tips to Sell your Home Fast

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

For some of us, when we think about Canadian real estate, I’m sure the Niagara Region comes to mind; Other, larger metropolitan areas may be on the forefront, but the Niagara Region deserves an honorable mention. The Canadian real estate market was not really affected by the recent economic downturn and has remained stable which is why the market is currently dominated by investors hoping to capitalize on developments in a strong commercial and residential market, this, of course includes Niagara.

Niagara is a region south-southeast to the largest city in Canada, Toronto. Being within two hours of the big T-O, and bordering on New York State, makes it the dream location for families, and individuals alike. For the same reason, properties in the Niagara Region are popular amongst business men and women and for company owners to establish their homes and offices.

Niagara has some of the most beautiful properties in Canada. Our home prices vary greatly, therefore it is safe to say that you have a plethora of selection within the region. Other than the beautiful properties and real estate, Niagara is a hot spot for buying and selling houses for another reason. The second reason is that even with the recent economic downturn, the region’s economy has remained stable, which is why housing prices have not taken a turn for the worst; in fact, other than a rather unprecedented Real Estate boom between 2016-17, the value of our houses has remained consistent with a 5-10% increase year over year. Niagara also has a lot of business opportunities and excellent market conditions, so if you decide to either buy or sell a house in Niagara, you are going to gain personally as well as financially.

For those in the market to sell, it is suggested to hire an accredited Realtor. Realtors provide a valuable service due to their education, expertise and knowledge in real estate. We can easily gauge the market value of a house according its location, best use, condition, as well as other, as I like to call them “Extras”, such as recent updates/upgrades. Therefore, if you are looking to sell your house with ease and confidence, be sure to contract the services of a Realtor.

Before contacting one of us, here are a few inexpensive tips that will make your property stand out among the competition and help with a quick sale:

  • Declutter Your House. Throw out, sell, or keep all non-essential items in a storage facility. This gives the impression of a larger, more open space. This will benefit you whether your house is 700 or 3000 square feet, as a decluttered space, is a calm space.

  • Keep your furniture as simple as possible - rearrange your furniture to make the rooms seem more spacious.

  • Renovate - if there are certain things in your house that need fixing, renovating, or just providing a cosmetic face lift, do it. This will ensure the best return on your investment.

  • Repaint and Refurbish - it is always good to repaint your house in a neutral, consistent colour before putting it up for sale.

  • Clean up - meticulously clean your house; make it sparkle!

  • Add curb appeal – repaint the exterior of your house, take care of any overgrown greenery and a simple fix, add a potted plant in front of your door step.

  • Hire a Professional Stager - Perhaps not the most cost-efficient method, I highly recommend staging in most cases. A $3000-5000 investment in home staging can increase the sale price of your home by $15,000-30,000. The return is well worth the initial investment.

Buying and selling a home should be an experience you never forget, in a good way. Hire a Realtor and follow these simple steps for a pleasant Real Estate experience.

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