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Best Outdoor Renovations That Add Value To Your Home

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Whether you’ve been in your home for a decade or just moving in, there are some ways in which you can add value to your property. Renovations will not only increase the level of enjoyment you get from your home, they can increase what you can earn when you consider putting it on the market. You could do several upgrades but why not focus on the ones that bring you the best return on investment? Here is a look at some of the best renos to add value to your home.

1 – Landscaping

You’ve likely heard the term ‘curb appeal’ and this piece of home eye candy comes from the visual appearance your home and property have when viewed from the street. You can have the most beautiful home on the block but with the right landscaping touches, you can make it really stand out. Landscaping items to consider include flowering shrubs, a stone or brick walkway, a tall tree or two and a couple of stone planters.

2 – Patio/Deck

Nothing extends your living space better than a patio or deck. When you construct one of sizable proportions, it becomes an entertaining spot where friends, family and neighbours can gather and eat, drink and be merry. Plus, both decks and patios offer you places to add additional outdoor furniture, a barbecue, hot tub or outdoor planters. Nothing beats being outdoors on a sunny, bright day enjoying your deck or patio.

3 – Roof

Something that adds value to your home is a new roof. It basically gives your home a brand new shelter from the weather. But how can you tell if you really need a new roof? There are a few simple telltale signs. They include: shingles that are curled, covered in moss or missing altogether; stains appearing on ceilings and walls and an unusually high utility bill building up over time. Any of these could mean your roof has about had it.

4 – Siding

The best way to give your home an extreme makeover is with a brand new outer layer. Vinyl siding means you’ll never have to paint your house again and when washed regularly, it looks like new all the time. Plus, the vinyl siding in today’s world is far better quality than a generation ago. It is built to last a lifetime and comes in colours that won’t fade. The jump in value your home will experience makes vinyl siding make sense.

Thinking Of Listing?

These are just a few of the best renovation ideas that will add value to your home and property. To find out more, contact me. If you live in the Niagara region, I can help you with buying or selling property. I can also suggest a list of qualified people to help you with those renovations. Call me today at 289-213-7031.

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