• Jen Bedard

Moving With Pets - Best Practices

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

As if it isn’t stressful enough to be moving from one house to another. It doesn’t matter if it is across town or across the country. When pets are involved, you need to take special precautions. They get pretty stressed out, too. Here’s a look at some tips to help make your move a little bit easier with your cat, dog, ferret or bird in tow.

1 – The Survival Kit

This is an essential tool that will preserve your sanity like nothing else. When you move with a pet, be sure to keep with you a kit that contains enough pet food, kitty litter, toys and assorted grooming tools for a day or two. This is so you can keep your pet comfortable during the unpacking and the sorting out where everything goes phase.

2 – Hide Them Away

The best way to keep your pet relaxed in your new home is to designate a location, like a small room, that is far enough away from the action that they won’t attempt to get underfoot. You may have to lock Fifi or Rover in a pet carrier in an outbuilding to keep them calm and that’s okay. The less stress, the better.

3 – Contact The Vet

You are going to need to spend some time in your vet’s office before and after moving. Mostly it’ll be for paperwork ranging from updating files with new address information to gathering files to take to a new vet or arranging for them to be transferred. Either way, you won’t want to have to do this during a pet emergency so take care of it now.

4 – Let Them Ride With You