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Creating the Perfect Bedroom for your Personality

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Your personality can really come out in the bedroom. That’s because we usually do much more than just sleep in our room. In the right bedroom setting, many different activities can take place that allow us to be ourselves either alone or with a partner. I’m talking about activities such as reading, listening to music or spending time online. Here are some tips on how to match your bedroom to your personality.

1 – The Reader

If you are a fan of reading in bed, you can match that trait with the addition of a bookcase or two to hold some of your favorites nearby. You will also want to improve the lighting so that it is better for late night reading and for added comfort while in reading in bed, add a few more pillows or consider a fabric headboard.

2 – The Music Listener/TV Viewer

Thanks to new technology, it’s easier than ever to sit and watch TV or listen to your favourite music in bed. Even on a sick day, this is a welcome way to spend time getting better. Enjoy those shows and tunes with a bedroom that is fully wired and has a flat screen TV on the wall facing the bed. Entertainment centres with room for TVs and audio equipment can also do the trick.

3 – The Art Lover

If your bedroom has enough wall space, you can personalize it by hanging your favourite art pieces. You can essentially turn your bedroom into your mini art gallery. If you happen to dabble in paints yourself, you now have a private place to display your works and be able to enjoy them the moment you wake up right until the moment you close your eyes to sleep.

4 – The Family Lover

If your family is vital to you, your bedroom is a place where you can display all kinds of things related to yours. Wall space and shelf space will permit you to hang and store treasured family photos. A bookcase storing photo albums will also give you that comforting feeling of have your family close by even if they physically are nowhere near you.

5 – The Techie

If you are a fan of new technology, you will have a number of handheld devices in your possession. In your bedroom you will probably help keep them functioning and handy at all times with wall sockets that contain USB ports in them. Or you could create a portable docking/recharging station with a tabletop over a set of wall outlets.

6 – The Sound Sleeper

This one is easy. Be sure to have plenty of thick, comfortable sheets, blankets, quilts and pillows on the bed. Also, have thick window coverings that completely block out the sun should you have to work a night shift and need to catch up on your sleep during normal daylight hours. Soundproofing such as fabric wall coverings and a door that seals shut should complete this.

Matching your bedroom to your personality is a lot easier than you thought, right? Call me any time for your Real Estate needs at 289-213-7031.

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