• Jen Bedard

Creating your Zen Space

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

The demands of today weigh heavy on all of us. Therefore, it is so important to have a home in which you can relax. In fact, by creating a relaxing place to rest and contemplate, you can help maintain a positive state of mind. One very simple way of achieving this is by creating a Zen place in your home. The first step to this is by starting with the five elements of Zen. They include earth, fire, water, wood and metal and they all work together to balance the energy in your home. Here’s a look at tips on how to incorporate each of these elements into your living space to make it your relaxing, peaceful place.

1 – Earth

There are several ways in which the element of Earth can fit into your home décor. They include natural stone tile, terrariums with plants and pebbles. For an accent piece that incorporates all of these pieces is a simple tabletop Zen garden complete with sand and stones.

2 – Water

The sound of moving water is probably one of the best-known tools for relaxation. You can benefit from this Zen element by adding a water feature to your living space in the form of a fountain, a fish bowl and even wall art that includes water as part of the subject.

3 – Fire

This is a rather easy one to do. If your home has a fireplace, all you have to do it keep it lit. Well, at least during the colder months. Another way to keep fire actively connected to your Zen place is with c