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Working from Home 101

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Just about everyone I’ve ever known has either dreamt about or went on and on about wanting to work from home. Trust me, for some it is the best decision they have ever made. For others it’s well, not as much fun as they had hoped it would be. That being said, there are ways to make the home office work, but you really need to follow some simple steps in order to get there. Here’s a few off the top of my head.

1 – Make a List, Check it Twice

It’s pretty easy to point at the laptop sitting on an end table stuffed into the corner of the living room and call that your home office, but in order to actually function well in a work-from-home setting you need to establish a realistic list of supplies and necessities to turn a specific space in your home into an office. That list should include just the basics to start and I’ll give you a hand with that here: desk, computer, phone, printer/scanner, paper and pens. For a more detailed list, ask me personally, I’ve got a handle on it.

2 – Select an Office Space in Your Home

Now that you have your list of office supplies, you should have a better idea of how much space you are going to need for your home office. You may discover quickly that the landing on the stairway to the basement is not going to work anymore. You can start with a corner in a room somewhere but remember, if you plan to do any work at your desk, you will want an area that is relatively quiet. A small spare bedroom may be a better location to consider.

3 – Use a Dedicated Home Business Phone Line

You won’t understand how useful this can be until you must wait your turn to use the family phone or messages meant for you don’t completely make their way to you. You could opt for a cellphone rather than a landline but regardless, if you are setting up a business from your home, you really need a separate phone number for clients to use. It also makes your home business appear a bit more professional with a number that won’t be answered by a toddler or teen.

4 – Master the Professional and Personal Balance

One of the biggest hurdles facing entrepreneurs who have established a home office is keeping the work and family lines clearly defined. It will be difficult at first to do and may be hard to get everyone under the same roof to understand that when you are in your office, you are working. This step will most likely involve a family meeting and several friendly reminders.

For more helpful tips on how to establish a home office, or if you are seeking a larger home to accommodate a home-based business, I can give you some assistance. I’m Jen Bedard and if you are buying or selling in the Niagara region call me at 289-213-7031 to discuss your wishes.

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