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Feng Shui the Right Way

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Before you can begin to add energy into your living space with the principles of Feng Shui, you must first know and understand the rules of Feng Shui. They basically lay the foundation of what you would then build upon in creating the correct conditions in order to open the energy flow in and around your home. There is a lot to this so before we go any deeper into the process, let’s review the basic rules of Feng Shui.

1 – Every Room Must Be De-Cluttered

As simple as this may sound, there is a logical reason behind removing the clutter. For energy to flow freely in a given space, it can’t encounter any kind of clutter. A cluttered space can produce negative energy like confusion. Harmony comes from an orderly home.

2 – Furniture Positioning Is Crucial

Another way to ensure that positive energy flows freely is with furniture in the right place. Any pieces that are out of place will cause discomfort which turns into negative energy. A space with furniture in it should allow you to pass through it with ease and without problem.

3 – Work and Rest In Different Places

Simply put, working in the same space that you sleep is not a good idea. Essentially, when you do this you can suffer from disrupted sleep patterns or work suffers as you get drowsy. The idea is to keep these activities as far apart as possible and most definitely not in the same room.

4 – Fix Broken Things Right Away

Anything that breaks and is left for any length of time is going to affect your harmonious home. Bad energy comes from broken furniture or appliances. It ends up causing more of a disruption of the positive energy that was flowing through your home until the breakdown.

5 – Use Mirrors

Mirrors will not only reflect the good energy throughout your home, but they prevent negative energy from developing. If you needed a secret weapon, this is very likely the one to have.

6 – Fill Your Home with Plant Life

Plants, flowers and fruit around the home promote positive energy. Plants with thorns, however, are not going to encourage the positive energy. Plus, they can really ruin your day.

7 – Add Some Water

Water promotes relaxation and harmony. One easy way to add these to your home is with a water feature of some kind. It can be as simple as a painting of a water scene or water colours.

8 – Show Your True Colours

When choosing your home décor colours, be sure to use the right ones. For example, green means family, yellow equals health and red means fame. These promote positive energy.

9 – Get the Point

Sharp lines and corners prevent calmness as they represent negative energy. Keep beds and chairs away from corners and the room lines to combat the wrong kind of energy flow.

Need to Know More About Feng Shui?

I can help with your buying or selling needs in Niagara with the appropriate kind of energy. I’m Jen Bedard and you can reach me at 289-213-7031. Let’s talk soon.

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