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Do Your House Plants Match Your Personality?

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Don’t laugh, I’m serious about this. Your personality has a great deal to do with the types of house plants you should have in your home. What I mean, is that plants grow, thrive and survive in the best of conditions. One of the elements that impact those conditions is the human element. For example, if your personality is that of a person who has little time to spend indoors taking care of plants, you probably shouldn’t have any. Not sure what your match is? Here’s a short list to help you figure out the best plants for your personality.

1 – The Apartment Dweller

Okay, you don’t have a lot of space to work with, so your best bet is something that does well in pots and doesn’t need a lot of extra attention. One good choice is the Guzmania Bromeliad – check your local garden centre for assistance – it’s not expensive, produces pretty foliage six months of the year and just asks to be in a sunny room. Water it every few days.

2 – The Master Chef

Save yourself an unexpected trip to the grocery store in the middle of meal preparation by planting some of your kitchen favourites indoors. The list is lengthy but to give you an idea, you can grow your own mint, sage, parsley, thyme, chives, oregano and basil. An herb garden is not hard to care for either. Just place yours near a window and provide water every few days.

3 – The One on A Budget

In case you just can’t bring yourself to spend a lot on different plants, you could just hit up the neighbours for cuttings of the plants they have that you like. All you have to do is place a cutting in an old jar of damp soil or whatever container you choose to use. Don’t forget to give your planted cutting plenty of sunlight and water them about once a week.

4 – Money is Not an Issue

There are many ways to liven up the inside of your home with house plants. Some of them are extremely expensive; however, a good way to splurge and still end up with a classy living plant is with Bonsai Trees. it does however take a fair bit more effort to care for a bonsai than a bit of sun and a dash of moisture here and there. You’ll have a bit of work ahead of you to keep these unique and somewhat magical mini-trees happy.

5 – The One with The Green Thumb

Some people are just naturals around plants. If you are one of these people, Gardenias provide a challenge and a reward if you grow them indoors. They are fond of humid spaces, so misting is a must and since they don’t require direct light, you can keep them in a room that sees some sun. Pay attention to the soil pH, prune often and you’ll be rewarded with stunning white flowers.

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