• Jen Bedard

A Handful of Flour and a Hand on Organizing

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

If you fancy yourself a wizard in the kitchen, chances are you have a stash of recipes that you’ve collected over the years. The reality is that your collection will not just include recipe books. There may also be various paper clippings, handwritten recipes passed down generations and even some you’ve saved on your computer. But how are you going to organize this massive amount of recipes that exist in many different formats? Here are a few suggestions matched with problems to help you better organize yours.

1 – Where Is That Cookbook?

Probably the easiest solution to having trouble finding that great recipe book is to keep them all in the same general area. Since you will need them in the kitchen, why not construct a book nook that can be used to hold them? You can build a stack of corner shelves or line the top of your kitchen walls with a row of shelves. Whatever you choose, you’ll be sure that your favourite recipe books are nearby at all times.

2 – I Need To Catalogue My Cookbooks

Sooner or later you are going to discover that although you have a great place to store your cookbooks in the kitchen, you have no idea where the one you need right now happens to be. You could save yourself a lot of hunting if you filed them alphabetically or according to the main topic of the books. Sectioning off your book nook will make finding any of your cookbooks far easier and will be less stressful as a result.

3 – Where Is That Recipe On That Piece of Paper?

Recipe clippings are going to be an interesting problem to tackle. Once you gather them all together and this would include printed copies