• Jen Bedard

Light Up Your Life... and your Property

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Proper lighting in and around your home and yard performs two basic functions first and foremost. It keeps you safe at night, and it can assist in showing off the beauty of your surroundings in the evening. Lighting projects are best left to the professionals, so the next time you have an electrician working on a project inside your home, why not include some outdoor lighting work as well? Here are some tips on spots to consider installing additional lighting.

1 – The Front Door

It may sound obvious to have a light shining at the main entrance of your home, but it also serves another purpose. In addition to providing you and your family safe entry, it gives you an extra bit of security. With proper lighting at your front door you will be able to identify anyone who happens to be knocking on the door or ringing the doorbell.

2 – Light Your Walkway

Extra lighting along the pathway to your front or back door helps ensure safety for all who use it. When the days are shorter, a lit walkway removes tripping hazards and makes transporting items from a vehicle to the door much easier.

3 – Give Your Pool Some Lights

Assuming you have an outdoor swimming pool, having lights installed in and around it not only illuminates the area for safety, it does something more. If you or your family enjoy late night swims, lighting in the pool will make those times much more pleasurable and provides extended use of your pool.