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Tips to Create your Personal Outdoor Oasis

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Patios are a wonderful addition to any home. Not only do you extend the amount of living space available to you, if you plan it right you also end up with the perfect outdoor entertainment centre. In fact, you can create a quiet place to reflect or a place to gather depending on the space available and the furniture you select. Here are some tips on finding the right patio furniture for your outdoor living space.

1 – Start with a List

I know, it sounds rather basic but before you start shopping for patio furniture, you need to know what your plans are for that space. For example, is it large enough to use for outdoor barbecuing? Do you intend to make it a public space to entertain family and friends or are you seeking a private getaway for yourself? Do you see it as a full-time living space during the warmer months or a spot that will be used just on occasion? Once you have the list of purposes in mind, you can start to imagine how you will fill that space. On your list you should have such things as seating, storage and appliances, depending on how you decide to use your patio.

2 – Take A Test Drive

When at the hardware or garden supply store, look carefully at the patio furniture. Don’t let looks fool you and actually sit, recline and relax on the pieces on display. You are looking for patio furniture that provides function as well as comfort.

3 – Look for Easy Care Products

Remember, chances are your patio furniture will be exposed to the elements. This means you will want to lean towards products that are easy to care for regardless of what Mother Nature has in plan. Typically, furniture made from teak, cedar, metal and wicker are good choices.

4 – Don’t Forget Storage

If you live in a part of the country where winter is a very distinct season of its own, and speaking for myself, Niagara’s winters may not be the worst in Canada, but we have LIKE A THOUSAND lakes surrounding us (What exaggeration?) which creates some extra snow and cold weather. you may want to shop for patio furniture that you can store away in winter. Not only does storage protect the furniture, it will extend its useful life which saves you replacement costs.

5 – The Colour Choices

One of the coolest things about patio furniture is that it doesn’t all come in black or boring Earth tones. Unless you like that sort of thing. The colour choices span the spectrum so you can mix and match or just create a personality for your patio with whatever colour and style you like.

6 – Don’t Forget Quality

You know that just by saving money on buying the cheapest patio furniture available is likely to cost you more money in the long run, right? Therefore, you should have a budget large enough to permit purchasing good quality, durable products in the first place.

Looking for A Home with A Patio?

My name is Jen Bedard and I call the Niagara Region home. If your new home plans include one with a patio, I can help you find it. Call me today for details.

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