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Organization Tips for a Home you'll Want to Show Off

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

It’s all the rage these days. People are downsizing in order to live a minimalist lifestyle. One of the hardest things to do when downsizing is parting with some of the ‘stuff’ we’ve collected over the years. However, if you follow a plan, and stick to it, you’ll be able to organize your home – and life – much easier. Here is a look at some great home organizing tips.

1 – Have A Firm Game Plan

The basis of your approach to organizing your home should be simple: Less is more. In other words, you are trying to get to a place where you have fewer items. This will take the burden of spending massive amounts of time organizing what you have which will take away from you being able to enjoy what you have.

2 – Put Things Away in Proper Places

Once you get organized, each item you own or use regularly will have a specific place. This reduces clutter and prevents you from ‘losing’ something you need at a specific moment. You’ll be amazed at how much easier it will become to find something you need when it always ends up in its designated spot.

3 – The Power of One

Do you really need six or seven of the same item? Chances are that you don’t and can probably get along just fine with a single bread box or toaster or whatever else you have too many of. You have to decide which one to keep and then just get rid of the others in a yard sale or however you choose to remove them from your home.

4 – Get Rid of Things You No Longer Use

This is where you will be challenged with making big decisions related to belongings. Anything you haven’t used in over a year or seen for at least that time, is probably not an important part of your life. There will be exceptions, but they should be few making this easier as you go.

5 – Go for Regular Maintenance

Once you finally get to the organized state you were aiming for, you have to keep it up. That means not allowing your home and life to get so cluttered that you must repeat this process again in six or eight months. Follow your game plan and you’ll be able to keep your home in an organized state as opposed to a state of chaos.

6 – Stay Alert When Shopping

This will be an important part of the regular maintenance phase. When you are in a buying mood, ask yourself a series of questions that will help you with the buying decision. If you already have an item that is similar to the one you are considering purchasing, do you really need it and what will you do with it if you end up with two things that perform virtually the same task?

I can help you organize your real estate future. Whether you are buying or selling, let’s get in touch. I’m Jen Bedard and you can reach me by calling 289-213-7031.

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