• Jen Bedard

Organize your Garage Like a Pro - Then Park your Car in it

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Because garages are typically wide-open spaces, they often become auxiliary storage rooms. If you have a single or double car garage and haven’t parked your vehicle inside of it for several months or years, it’s time to get in there and do some serious organizing. Here are some great tips to get you motivated.

1 – Go Up

You see all that wall space above your storage cabinets? Well, that space can be used for additional storage. You can build additional shelves, get a garage storage unit or just some garage organizing kits to do the job. You’ll be able to hang things out of the way as well as store items that are seasonal so that they don’t take up valuable space that you could be using today.

2 – The Removal Process

Once you determine that you have a lot of vertical space you are not using in your garage, it’s time to empty it out to see what’s currently in there. When you have all the stuff from your garage sitting on your front lawn it tends to light a fire up your behind. It will also give you a better picture of the space you have available when the garage is basically empty. With this ‘extra’ room, you can better decide where to put storage cabinets and shelving.

3 – Sort And Resort