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Organize your Garage Like a Pro - Then Park your Car in it

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Because garages are typically wide-open spaces, they often become auxiliary storage rooms. If you have a single or double car garage and haven’t parked your vehicle inside of it for several months or years, it’s time to get in there and do some serious organizing. Here are some great tips to get you motivated.

1 – Go Up

You see all that wall space above your storage cabinets? Well, that space can be used for additional storage. You can build additional shelves, get a garage storage unit or just some garage organizing kits to do the job. You’ll be able to hang things out of the way as well as store items that are seasonal so that they don’t take up valuable space that you could be using today.

2 – The Removal Process

Once you determine that you have a lot of vertical space you are not using in your garage, it’s time to empty it out to see what’s currently in there. When you have all the stuff from your garage sitting on your front lawn it tends to light a fire up your behind. It will also give you a better picture of the space you have available when the garage is basically empty. With this ‘extra’ room, you can better decide where to put storage cabinets and shelving.

3 – Sort And Resort

Now that the contents of your garage are cluttering your front yard, it’s time to do some sorting. Use the additional space outside your garage to sort and place items in specific groups and piles. The deciding factors on whether to keep an item will come from asking these questions:

Question 1 – Do I need this? Question 2 – When did I last use this? Question 3 – Can this be donated to charity and still be useful?

As you sort, ask these questions. But as you sort, also set aside anything that would be better off in the dump versus being moved to a different location in your garage.

4 – The Grouping

Every item you have decided to keep must be sorted through again. Only this time, group the items according to use. For example, lawn and garden items should have their own place. Power tools, winter tools like snow shovels and a snow blower would have their own place as well. Once you get all items into their groups you will be able to see how much storage space you will need.

5 – Designate Storage Zones

Now go back into your garage and mark out where certain items are going to be stored. For example, garden hoses and water sprinklers can be hung high enough up a wall to be out of the way. Power tools will likely need a workbench storage area to hold them, and so on.

6 – Go Label Crazy

This job might take a few hours, but it will come in handy. Labeling all your garage items achieves a couple goals. First, you find out exactly how many hammers you own and what sizes they are. Second, if you are the type of person who doesn’t mind loaning out certain tools to neighbours and friends, at least if the label stays on it, you have a better chance of winning the argument two years from now as to who’s gas can that is in the neighbour’s yard.

7 – The Final Test

Alright, this is the moment of truth. Once you complete your garage organizing project, you won’t know how successful you were until you try to park your vehicle inside. If you now have room for your vehicle – and the garage door can still close properly – you did a great job organizing your garage. Give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy the moment.

Need Some Extra Room?

People outgrow their homes for various reasons; new baby, in-laws moving in, new pet, no longer functional, tired of renting, and sometimes you buy a smaller home to start out with the intention of expanding in the future.

If now is that time and you are looking for something new in the Niagara Region, I can help. My name is Jen Bedard and all you have to do is give me a call.

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