• Jen Bedard

How to Turn your Bedroom into your Dream Room

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

The bedroom. It’s a room of respite where you can retreat for some peace and quiet. We all use our bedrooms for multiple purposes, but in the end, it should be your safe space. organized bedrooms are the way to go if you want to maximize your space and get the most out of its multiple uses? Here are some great ideas to help you better organize your room.

1 – Book A Nook

So, the chair sitting in the corner of the bedroom has become another place to hang clothes and stack magazines. You could clean it off and add a small side table with drawers next to it. At least now you have a better place to store those books and magazines. Add a floor lamp to provide soft lighting and you now have a reading corner in your bedroom.

2 – Give Shoes the Boot

Have a bedroom closet that is overflowing with your constantly growing shoe collection? No problem. All you need is a shoe rack. It gives you a chance to go through your shoes, hopefully locating matching pairs, so you can store them properly in the shoe rack. You’ll also be able to locate that special pair with just a glance.