• Jen Bedard

Let the green grass grow... but not too much!

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

It doesn’t matter how big or small your lawn happens to be, there will be times during the warmer months when it will require some sort of maintenance. Instead of hiring a gardener or landscaper to maintain your lawn, with the right tools, you can pretty-up your landscaping and turn it into an easy and enjoyable do-it-yourself project. This article includes a list of what I would consider the top five lawn care tools you must have.

1 – A Lawn Mower

You may be shaking your head at this one but your lawn should be trimmed anywhere from once to twice a week during the peak growing season. This means that you need a lawn mower built to withstand regular use. You can choose from push or ride styles powered by gas, electricity and even

batteries. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Just be sure to choose the one that best works for your size of yard.

2 – A Leaf Blower

Not only will this save your arms and back from raking and sweeping, it’ll be a lot faster. Still, a broom and rake are two tools that can work well alongside a leaf blower. Oh, and your leaf blower doesn’t need to be used exclusively for pushing leaves over to the neighbours yard, either. You can use it to blow dirt and sawdust from the garage or workshop floors as well.