• Jen Bedard

8 Best Ways to Add Value to your Home Before Selling

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Home owners love to give their home a facelift from time to time, but often end up spending huge amounts of money that may never bring a return on investment.

It’s all good and well to splurge on increased comfort and functionality, but there are some investments that place your home way above all the others when viewed by potential buyers. Here are some renovation tips that will not only make your home beautiful and functional but will also add value.

Whether seeking advice from me (your Realtor), your contractor or your family and friends we will all agree that the two best rooms for renovations are the kitchen and bathrooms. This is where you are most likely to recoup most of the money spent.

Below I will examine the best renovations for these specific rooms as well as few others which I, and most experts agree, will add the most value to your home. I will also look at the latest trends and approximate costs.

​1. Renovating the kitchen

Kitchens need to be functional and spacious, and buyers prefer them modern. A very old kitchen may need a complete make-over, with new cupboards, countertops and appliances, but sometimes homeowners can get away with making a few minor changes, like cabinet resurfacing, replacing counter tops and changing handles and knobs.

Trends for 2019: