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From Past to Present; How Home Design Has Changed Through the Years and How it’s Coming Back.

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

We have all seen design trends come and go through the years; the wallpaper your grandparents used to have in their living room would not even be spoken about in this day and age. And the lime green bathroom set that now looks very out of place was once upon a time the most fashionable set available! That is the beauty of home design; trends come and go, fashions come and go, and our tastes change as the eras go by.

However, that is not to say we cannot find inspiration from the days gone by. In each decade or generation there are still home design trends that are fashionable right up to this day; and being able to hunt those trends down and utilize them in your home is a trick well worth doing.

In this article, we are going to take a brief look back in time throughout the past few major decades, look at the trends and fashions back then, and see if we can bring anything back with us!

The 1970’s

The 1970’s were a glorious time for interior and home design. Following on from the Hippy movement, interior design was inspired by the outside world, and many of the interior design trends of this decade include indoor gardens, and other garden features within the home. And you know those shaggy carpets you see nowadays? These originate from the 1970’s; however, the choice on colors are perhaps more toned down than they were back then!

One other popular trend happening right now is the use of geometric designs, in particular with plant pots and accessories; these too were first seen in the 1970’s and were as ever popular back then as they are now.

The 1980’s

Some would say this was the greatest decade in modern history; music, TV, and movies all were prominent during this decade and even now, many TV shows idolize this era!

Unlike other decades, the 1980s does not feature any prominent trends that spring straight to mind. However, the inclusion of floor-length drapes, turning record and CD collections into features and floral cushions were all a thing back then. Perhaps too the use of clever lighting should be noted during this decade!

The 1990’s

The 1990s first introduced the need for minimalism. Don’t get me wrong, there was still a carry-over of floral wall papers and other bright wall coverings. However, as the years went on, people started to opt for lighter colored wood floors and a hint of the Japanese influence started to shine through; with Bonsai trees appearing in many homes! This was also the era in which crisp whites, magnolias and other light colors were used during decorating.

As you can see, trends have changed dramatically over the years, and that is a trend that we will continue to see as we grow older. It will not be long until the living room we have decorated just now becomes unfashionable in 20 – 30 years’ time and our grandchildren start questioning our taste.

Who knows what interior fashions will appear in the future. One thing is for sure; by looking back to our past, we can certainly find enough inspiration for our next interior design projects.

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