• Jen Bedard

What Your Home Says About You

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

We’ve all seen those crime shows about forensic scientists, right? Those seemingly mind-reading profilers who can deduce a person’s pattern of behaviour just by observing how they write their name on a piece of paper, or the way they drink their coffee. It seems like magic, but really, it’s just a detailed observation of behaviour. What would you think if I told you that the same could be said of your home? It’s easy to dismiss our furnishings and style as just a nothing decision, but there really is a wealth of information that can be gleaned about you just by observing your home.

What Your Home Says About Who You Are

Think about the first time you tacked up a poster or a drawing in your childhood room. It wasn’t because you were terribly concerned with decor for decor’s sake. You were making a statement. “I love horses” or “this boy band is my favourite” or “this movie is the best movie in the world”. The magazine cutout of Lance Bass from NSYNC (this is a judgement free zone :P) that lived on my wall for the duration of my late elementary school days said as much about me as the photos of my family and my cats on the wall do now. Realistically, all of us are trying to claim an identity with decor. Look around your house. What statements are you making with the art on your walls, or the wedding china you chose, or the blanket over the back of your couch? What posters or photographs are on your wall that lay claim to who you are as a person?

What Your Home Says About Where You're Going

Items in our home aren’t just static descriptors of who we are. As much as they can be used to stake a claim in our personal story, they can also be used to carve out the story as it’s happening. Certain spaces are meant to invoke different feelings. A workspace might be designed to be inspiring or motivating. A family room is used to convey warmth, while a bedroom might be designed around comfort or luxury