• Jen Bedard

3 Decor Ideas Using Repurposed Tin Cans

Sometimes, when you’re looking for new decor, that hint of inspiration lies in what you already have! Tin cans are ubiquitous, we all toss them on a regular basis, but there are better uses we can put them to. There’s no end to what you can make! Vases, lanterns - even a whole herb garden. Want to know how? I’ve got the instructions for you below.

Tin Can Vase

Did you know? You can create a stylish vase from a tin can, with just a few craft supplies.

You’ll need:

  • A tin can of any size.

  • Sandpaper.

  • Craft rope.

  • A hot glue gun.

1. Take the tin can, wash it well, and sand down any remaining rough edges along the top interior of the can.

2. Use hot-glue to secure the end of the rope to the bottom of the can.

3. Wrap the rope around the can, gluing as you go. When you reach the top, cut the rope, and use hot glue to secure the end of the rope on the inside edge of the can.

4. Fill with silk flowers and use as a table centerpiece, coffee table decoration, or other decor as needed.