• Jen Bedard

The Most important Home Prep Item to Complete Before Listing Day

Faced with a move and a house with years of clutter in it? Grab a cup of coffee, a few supplies, and take a deep breath, because together we’re about to get your house ready for a move!

Grab Some Supplies

Got a couple of spare boxes lying around? Grab two, and label one keep and one donate. Then, grab an empty trash bag. That’s the first step to remember, and odds are, you’ve heard them before. What you haven’t heard is the second step. Once your first donate box is full, put it in the front seat of your car, so that you’ll have no excuse not to donate it immediately. The best way to declutter is quickly, so you can enjoy the benefits of a clean and decluttered home.

Start Small

The biggest mistake most people make when it comes to decluttering is trying to do it all at once. Instead of trying to do your whole house, or even a whole room, pick a single area of a room. Try just decluttering your makeup vanity, or the coffee table you have in front of your TV. If you concentrate on just one small spot, you’ll be able to do a much more thorough job, and you’ll be able to see results much quicker if you have a smaller goal.

Put Decluttering on The Calendar

Instead of trying to do it all at once, arrange to do your decluttering in small chunks. If you have a while before your move, try scheduling it just for an hour or two on Saturday afternoons. Breaking it up into chunks makes the job much less overwhelming, and if you set a finite amount of time to get the task done, you wo