• Jen Bedard

4 Ways to Immediately Update a Dated Home

Is your home decor looking a little...aged? It’s easy to let home decor remain the same over decades, and before you know it what was new and sleek in the 90s is the thing making your home look like it’s in the stone age today. Even if you’re a fan of the vintage look, there are a few ways you can change things up to keep your home looking fresh and updated!

Switch Out Brass Fixtures

Do you have brass or faux gold light fixtures? Swap them out for some more modern lighting. If you’re fond of the vintage look, then consider some sleek Edison fixtures, or simple lighting fixtures without metallic accents.

Update Your Drapery

Have you got heavy drapery with tassels and fringe? Swap them out for lighter curtains, or even some modern Roman shades to give your windows an updated look.

Paint Over or Remove Wood Panels