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The Benefits of Living in West St. Catharines

Expanding at a fast rate because of demand, the West End neighbourhoods have enjoyed increased residential development. This has also brought on the creation of exciting strip malls and grocery stores. Fourth Avenue is just a quick drive away from the communities of the West End where residents can conveniently shop from a variety of retail stores.

The restrictions on development of agricultural land in the Niagara Peninsula are creating a shortage of land for housing. Some areas, Vansickle in particular, are fast running out of space for new developments. Since the West End is mostly built on land that was previously planted with grapevines, the locals call it G.A. (short for Grapeview Area).

Charming cottages intermingle with bigger homes and the architecture of the North West is similar to that of the rest of St. Catharines. Smaller families, and those seeking to downgrade, have the choice of opting for one of the beautiful apartments available to buy. In keeping with the rest of the city the emphasis is on withholding the city’s nickname of the “Garden City”.

Well suited for families, the area has some good public and private schools; these include Ridley College, Power Glen Public School, and Grapeview Public School. Joe MaCaffery Park and West Park have sports facilities that serve these neighbourhoods and those beyond. The North West is suited for all ages, especially if they are interested in sport.

Those that are employed in Downtown find that the West-end is close enough to make the daily commute a breeze. Golfers can also be on the highway in a matter of a couple of minutes to enjoy a round at any of the multitude of golf courses in the region. Access to and from the North-end is easy with the QEW and 406, and the highways have encouraged its growth into the exciting hub that it has become

The addition of the new St. Catharines Site General hospital offers world-class health care and a cancer institute.

The Rural North West of St Catharines has some world class vineyards which produce some award-winning wines. Some of the red wines are really quite good, but the climate favours the white wine and ice wine cultivation.

The continuing demand for homes combined with the shortage of land is pushing up prices in North West St. Catharines. The city has a diversity of cultures and this vibrancy is felt in all the neighbourhoods. Many families are opting to move to the Niagara region and St. Catharines in particular, because of its affordability factor and the ability to offer their children good schooling and a better quality of life than in the bigger cities.

The median selling price for the St Catharines area has increased from apprx. C$360,000 in 2018 to $420,000 in 2019. Buying property in the area still remains a stable investment.

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