• Jen Bedard

The Ultimate Packing Guide For Your More Challenging Items

Got a big move coming up? Read through my ultimate list of packing tips.


Clothes can be one of the most unwieldy endeavors when it comes time to pack up your house just because there’s so much of it. Packing clothing can feel like slowly getting buried under a mountain, and with a move happening, that’s just not the kind of stress you need!

Need a few tips for making it less of a hassle? I’ve got the perfect ideas for you. These three tips will make packing your clothes a breeze and get you back to the things that really matter.

Pack Off-Season Clothes First

One of the hardest things about packing clothes is knowing where to start! Fortunately, I’ve solved that one for you, and you’ll never have to worry about that again. Just start by packing the clothes you don’t need for the current season. Summer clothes can be packed normally, and big, bulky winter clothes store well in vacuum-sealed bags that reduce their size so that you save room in the truck.

Pack Hanging Clothes in Trash Bags

Having trouble maneuvering hanging clothes? Try this easy hack. Group hanging clothes together in bundles, and deposit them in trash bags. Tie the trash bag’s tie around the top of the hanger bundle, just below the hook, to fashion a makeshift garment bag. This will make all your hanging clothes much easier and less unwieldy to transport!

Leave Clothes In Dresser Drawers

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