• Jen Bedard

How to Be the Perfect Neighbour

From First Moving in, to building relationships and resolving potential conflicts, I've got you covered with handy tips to help you perfect the art of neighbouring.


Got a new neighbour moving in? Or maybe you’re the new neighbour, and you want to make a good impression on the community by leaving your next-door neighbours a little gift and a hello? Check out this list of gift ideas that will make a big impression and help you forge new bonds in a community.

Baked Goods

Everyone loves getting baked goods! Cookies, sweet bread, rolls - it’s a hit with almost everyone. Bread is a traditional housewarming gift going back centuries, and if you’re just moving in, baking can be a therapeutic break from unpacking that helps you get settled into your new kitchen. Wrap your gift in parchment paper and knock on the door to introduce yourself

(Hint: Make sure no-one in the house has gluten allergies! If you’re unsure, swap out baked goods for things like hot chocolate mix or a popcorn and nut-based trail mix!)

A “Welcome” Basket, or a “Hello” Basket

Everyone loves gift baskets, and they can be a great way to introduce yourself. Select a nice candle, small candies, and some useful items like dish towels for a new kitchen or even a gift card for a cheap dinner in, and voila! You’ve got an easy, thoughtful gift. Include your contact information so that your neighbour can reach you if they need to, and even a deck of cards and an invitation to play sometime!

Coffee or Tea