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How to Be the Perfect Neighbour

From First Moving in, to building relationships and resolving potential conflicts, I've got you covered with handy tips to help you perfect the art of neighbouring.


Got a new neighbour moving in? Or maybe you’re the new neighbour, and you want to make a good impression on the community by leaving your next-door neighbours a little gift and a hello? Check out this list of gift ideas that will make a big impression and help you forge new bonds in a community.

Baked Goods

Everyone loves getting baked goods! Cookies, sweet bread, rolls - it’s a hit with almost everyone. Bread is a traditional housewarming gift going back centuries, and if you’re just moving in, baking can be a therapeutic break from unpacking that helps you get settled into your new kitchen. Wrap your gift in parchment paper and knock on the door to introduce yourself

(Hint: Make sure no-one in the house has gluten allergies! If you’re unsure, swap out baked goods for things like hot chocolate mix or a popcorn and nut-based trail mix!)

A “Welcome” Basket, or a “Hello” Basket

Everyone loves gift baskets, and they can be a great way to introduce yourself. Select a nice candle, small candies, and some useful items like dish towels for a new kitchen or even a gift card for a cheap dinner in, and voila! You’ve got an easy, thoughtful gift. Include your contact information so that your neighbour can reach you if they need to, and even a deck of cards and an invitation to play sometime!

Coffee or Tea

Coffee and tea are near-universal commodities that are a delight to receive as a gift! Gather a container of nice coffee or a box of tea bags and a pair of inexpensive mugs, and you’ll have a gift that anyone would love to receive. If you’re feeling friendly, you can even include an invitation to get together for a drink and conversation!


When you’re moving into a new community, it can feel lonely, and reaching out with a gift can be one of the things that help you forge those vital connections. Have you ever received a gift from your neighbour? Have any other suggestions? Let me know in the comments below!

You’ve just moved into your new house, but now what? There’s more to settling into your home than just unpacking -- you’ve got to start settling into a new community, too. Building relationships starts with being a good neighbour, and I’ve got three tips for you to get your new life in your new home off to a great start.

Introduce Yourself

If you’re looking to be a good neighbour, start by forming relationships! When you move in, take the time to introduce yourself at least to your next-door neighbours on either side. Take the time to learn their names and a bit about them. This will make it easier to create deeper friendships in the future and put your neighbours more at ease when they see you out and about!

Attend or Organize Community Events

Community events are a great way to get to know your neighbours! If you live in an apartment complex, there may be pre-arranged events you can attend, and housing communities may have local event boards or even social media groups where you can find out when local events like barbecues or holiday parties are being held. If there aren’t any activities that you can find, starting one can be hugely helpful! Think about throwing a neighbourhood barbecue or potluck and introduce yourself to all your new neighbours!


Contributing to a community can really help you feel at home. Keep an eye out for volunteering opportunities, taking note of things the community needs. Does your community have a soup kitchen? A local church having a food drive or collecting old coats? See if you can help out, and you might make some friends along the way!

Has anyone ever been a good neighbour to you? What left an impact on you? Share that and any other ideas you might have with me in the comments below!


Have you ever had a disagreement with your neighbours? If you have, you’ll know that it can be a real stress, but fortunately, I’ve got some tips on how to keep your life uncomplicated and cement good relationships with the people in your neighborhood.

Head Problems Off at The Pass

If you consider your neighbour when factoring in decisions that might affect them, it might help you to forge a connection and avoid any unexpected annoyances. Having a loud party? Consider letting the neighbours know ahead of time, or even inviting them. Welcome new neighbours to the neighbourhood by greeting them and offering a small gift. (A $10 gift card for moving-day pizza can go a long way to forging good relationships!)

Try to Talk It Out

If you’re having a disagreement, take a deep breath, and calmly schedule a time to talk with the other party. It could be that you’re just having a misunderstanding, and a compromise can be reached. Set a specific date to talk, and when you do, meet at the property line and try to hear the other person out.

Reach for Mediators

If it seems like you just can’t reach an agreement, reach out to your housing association, apartment complex, or even your local police precinct. The key to effective mediating is to react calmly. For example, if your neighbour is playing loud music late at night, instead of calling the police immediately, consider visiting your chosen mediator and asking what your solutions are. Consider calling the police as a last resort. Sometimes it’s hard to get along with neighbours you find difficult, but in the end, if you approach disagreements smartly and calmly, in most cases you’ll be able to settle things without escalating them.

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