• Jen Bedard

7 Ways to Reuse Old Picture Frames

Do you have some old picture frames lying around the house? Have you seen a gorgeous old frame for a good deal at a thrift shop but aren’t sure how to use it? I’ve got some ideas for you below, so stay tuned.

Frame Trays

Serving trays look gorgeous, don’t they? The look is gorgeous, but the price, not so much! That’s where frames can end up being your best friend. Grab a larger frame for a coffee table tray, or choose a smaller one for a bathroom tray. Cut a piece of colorful scrapbook paper or fabric to fit in the frame, insert it, and lay flat. You can add handles if you like (old drawer pulls work well for this, or you can add simple leather straps attached with superglue). This is one of the simplest DIYs, but it’s so gorgeous, and you can customize it to any style!

Dry Erase Board

This is the same concept as the dry erase board, just without handles! Once you choose a colorful piece of scrapbook paper or fabric to put inside the frame, you’ll be able to easily set up the frame or hang it on the wall and use it as a custom-designed dry erase board. Use it for notes or reminders, or use a larger frame to create a custom dry-erase calendar!