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Living Within The Beauty & Charm of Old Glenridge

Situated in the South End of St Catharines, Old Glenridge is the northern portion in the suburb of Glenridge. The area has been a popular place to live in since its inception, in the early 1900s, and has one of the city’s most well-established elementary schools, Oakridge Public School.

Dotted with Tudor-style homes that were built on large lots, the community offers grandeur, reminiscent of another age. In-between the two-story homes one finds smaller homes and charming bungalows, all free standing. This is a family-oriented community with a charming old-school feel and many of its residents work in downtown St Catharines or at Brock University. The area has an artsy feel.

The plans to replace the old elementary school with a development project were met with some resistance because the locals didn’t want the neighbourhood to lose its charm and eventually the council decided to buy part of the property and to designate the building a heritage site.

People living in the area have the option of an abundance of outdoor activities and can be seen enjoying the ample amenities and exploration opportunities offered by the massive inter-city park in the core of Glenridge, Burgoyne Woods. Within the park area there is a leash-free dog park, natural areas; massive open space, a playground, tennis courts, and a picnic area with tables. Twelve Mile Creek is also great for those who enjoy fishing and hiking, and the St. Catharines Golf and Country Club is also nearby.

Residents of the city of St Catharines have a variety of opportunities to experience the city and its surrounding areas that are brimming with activities, heritage, culture and natural beauty. Daytrips can include a visit to one of the lush vineyards or orchards of the area, a picnic at Happy Rolph’s petting faram, a visit to Port Dalhousie or a stroll down the 9/11 Walkway and its 27 deciduous trees planted in memory of the Canadians killed on that tragic day.

The St. Catharines Museum, at the Welland Canal Centre at Lock 3, showcases the fascinating story of the Welland Canal and one can also observe the ships climb the escarpment from there.

The property market in the area continues to remain strong and the homes are very well tended, giving the area a beautiful feel. Old Glenridge is within walking distance from the downtown area with its restaurants, retailers, the Meridian Centre, and the First Ontario Performing Arts Centre. The downtown area also has a Farmer’s Market where fresh, locally grown produce can be bought. Brock University and the Pen Centre are also within walking distance.

The combination of lovely homes, friendly people and the outdoor activities ensure that Old Glenridge remains extremely popular with buyers and buying property there is a good long-term investment. The average selling price for a family home continues to rise on a yearly basis, as the area has not had any significant development of new housing units. The average listing price is approximately $685,800 and most homes fetch their asking price, usually being snapped up in less than a month from their listing date.

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