• Jen Bedard

Easy DIY Storage Solutions

Everyone needs more space to put things. Even when you’re a dedicated declutterer, if you don’t have a place for everything, your house will still look a mess! Custom storage solutions can get expensive, though which is why inexpensive and DIY solutions are some of my favourites!

Whether you live in a small space, you have a lot of things to store, or you just like to stay organized, I’ve got some storage solutions that will be perfect for any space!

Use Vintage Suitcases

Take a stroll around a thrift shop or an antique store, and you’re bound to find a few vintage suitcases! These suitcases are great for storing out-of-season clothes, keepsakes, or anything you don’t need to access daily. Their gorgeous designs make for great underbed storage, or you can stack three of them next to your bed for a unique bedside table!

Use Bookcases in Unexpected Places

Bookcases are a universal storage space, but sometimes finding storage solutions is as simple as looking for a new way to use an old favorite. Look for underutilized spaces in your home, like under the stairs, and then seek out bookcases that fit there. Under a staircase, you can use square bookcases in a stairstep pattern to get some extra storage, and normal bookcases slotted behind the head of your bed can make a great storage headboard!