• Jen Bedard

Simple Steps to Childproofing Your New Home

Making sure your new home is safe for your whole family? If you’ve got kids just getting curious about the world, remembering these three childproofing guidelines can keep your home a safe and happy place for them.

Protect Children From Dangers At Their Eye Level

The first step of childproofing your new home starts with the simple stuff. Think about the dangerous things at a child’s eye-level. Add plug caps or plate covers to electrical outlets, corner guards to the sharp corners of tables, and make sure that breakables are stored high and out of reach.

Secure Dangerous Substances and Appliances

The second danger to check for is poisonous substances and other serious dangers that could pose a threat to your child. If you’ve got any cleaning products in low cabinets, make sure you secure them with childproofing cabinet locks. Do you take any prescription pills? Rethink keeping them in your bathroom, and instead store them in a high shelf in your kitchen, far away from where little ones can reach them.

Designate Adults-Only Areas...And Partition Them Off