• Jen Bedard

The 3 Most Important Keys To Home Staging

You’ve decided to sell, and now, suddenly, you’ve got buyers wanting to see your house! How do you make your home look appealing to potential buyers? Time to learn the delicate art of staging!

Staging is simple when you get down to it. All you have to do is make your home look it’s very best. I’ve put together a few guidelines for you so you’ll know how to get started.


The first step in any home staging is a good old fashioned decluttering. You‘ll want to do this anyway to prepare for your move, so getting it out of the way early will help you get started with packing. Get rid of absolutely everything but the most important of your possessions, and you’ll be left with a cleaner, more saleable home.

Add Value

Do you have a junk room? Something that just exists but isn’t pretty or functional? Take the time now to turn it into something that adds value to your home. You don’t have to spend a fortune if you think creatively! Clean out your junk room, add a spare chair from your living room and a couple of cheap bookcases, and you’ve got a reading nook. A writing desk and a mirror will create a sleek office area. Use what you have, and create something with function.