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What is Curb Appeal and How do I Create it?

If you’re in the market to sell your home, curb appeal is the first tool in your tool belt to landing a sale. So what is it, exactly? Curb appeal is simple: it’s how attractive your home looks to buyers from the street. Curb appeal is what makes a potential buyer stop and look at your home over other homes. A gorgeous exterior promises a gorgeous interior! Think of it like dressing your home up for a job interview. You’ll want to make sure it has it’s best foot forward, and shows it can get the job done.

Prune Your Foliage

Landscaping is the very first key to curb appeal. How are your hedges looking? Are your flowers wilting? Maybe you’ve got an overgrown tree that hasn’t been trimmed in a few years, or a patch of dead grass in the yard. Before you try to sell your house, make sure you take care of all of these things first. Look at your house from the curb and survey your landscaping. see what needs patching up. Even if you can’t afford a landscaper, you’d be amazed at what pruning a few hedges and errant tree limbs and planting some new flowers can do for your curb appeal.

Make Sure Lights Are Working

Another potential eyesore is flickering or broken lighting. Make sure all your light fixtures are working properly, replace the bulbs, and even consider adding new light fixtures to parks of your yard that are missing them.

Clean Your Home

This doesn’t just mean the inside! You’ll want to focus on the outside, too! Clean the gutters, wash the windows, and consider renting a power washer to get off all the built up dirt and grime off the sides of your home. You’ll be surprised what a difference it can make! Upping your curb appeal could get you a higher price, and help you sell your home faster, so don’t hesitate to make sure you’ve got it looking it’s best. Have any questions? Leave them for me in the comments!

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