• Jen Bedard

3 Essential Tips for Moving with Kids

Moving is a hassle. Moving with kids? That’s an entirely different adventure. When you’re dealing with the belongings of not just one life, but two, three, even four, you can often find yourself pulling your hair out with all the things you need to remember! There are a few things you can do, though, that will make your move a little easier.

Let Them Help

It’s important for children to feel included in the moving process, and so often they can feel overlooked as the grownups run around taking care of all the hassles and responsibilities that come with it.

Try letting your children pack one of their own boxes! Teach them how to wrap up their belongings so they won’t jostle around, and then seal the box with packing tape and let them decorate it with their name, stickers, markers - anything you have on hand! Then let them know they’re in charge of getting the box to the new house!

Pack While They’re Asleep

Don’t try to pack during the day when little ones will have needs or questions. Instead, wait until they’re asleep, and get your packing done after dark. This method especially helps when you get started early, so don’t wait to pack until the last minute!