• Jen Bedard

3 Things You Must do After Purchasing a New Home

You’ve purchased your home - now what? There is so much that comes with buying a home that it’s easy to lose track of what needs to be done right now...and what can wait. Need a reminder? Here are three things you absolutely must take care of as soon as the sale of your home is finalized.

Connect Your Utilities

This may seem like a no-brainer, but the earlier you can get started on setting up your utilities, the better. Depending on what company you use and where you live, there may be different requirements for proving residence that may take some time. Take the time to reach out to each provider of electricity, water, gas, and anything else you might need as soon as possible.

Change the Locks

This is something that is overlooked by many homeowners but could pose a serious security risk if you aren’t careful. As soon as you move into your home, you’ll want to switch all the locks and make sure any security codes on alarm systems or garage doors are changed. This is the quickest and most efficient way to ensure that the previous owners or anyone to whom they entrusted their key or security codes, no longer have access to your home.

Check Your Detectors