• Jen Bedard

Moving with Pets 101

Got a furry friend or two that’s making a move with you? There are a few unique challenges that come with relocating the fluffier members of your family, and I’d like to help you make that transition as smooth for them as possible.

Pack A Moving Day Bag

Just like in my article about moving day bags for humans, your pet needs their own moving day bag. Pack enough food, litter, toys, medicines, and other supplies you’ll need to get your pet through the hectic days of unpacking.

Secure Vet Services

Before you move, you’ll want to have a vet scouted out in your new home area. Once you’ve taken care of this, get in contact with your new vet. They can forward any medical records, prescriptions, and other info that will keep your pet healthy and happy. You’ll also want to take this time to have their microchip and tag information updated to reflect your new address.

Travel with Your Pet In Your Own Car

Moving days are so high-energy, any pet is likely to be spooked. That’s why it’s important to travel with your pet in your own car. Never put them in the moving truck; instead, choose to pack their carrier securely in the back of your car so you know they have proper supervision and access to a place free of extreme temperature.