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How is the Niagara Real Estate Market?

McGarr Realty put together several reports which look at our market from various angles. In general, the last 90 days have been the most unique time period on record.

March started off with 2 very strong weeks which then slowed right down towards the end.

April was essentially put on hold as both the number of sales and the number of listings both declined significantly (62% and 50% respectively).

May has shown some bounce back as sales volume, while still down in comparison to May 2019, was up significantly from April.

Pricing is often discussed and to the surprise of many, the average sale prices across Niagara are up almost across the board. As always, we try to look at larger volume segments of the market but overall, the pricing data is strong.

What will the next few months look like? No one knows for sure. The trends show tight inventory levels as the sales volume has returned quicker than the new listings inventory has.

We will continue to monitor and track the data across Niagara.

Have you checked out our Niagara Market Tracker yet? Head to our website and click on MARKET or click here to go directly -->

As always, if you have questions or need anything, I am here to help! Call 289-213-7031 or email

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