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Your Basement is Full of Potential - Here's How to Realize it!

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

The basement in some homes is, well, sort of a place where a lot of things gather with no real semblance of order. In some cases, the basement becomes the main storage area with stacks upon stacks of boxes and whatever else can fit down there. For others, the basement is extra living space shared with a lot of unidentified boxes. Here are some great ideas on how to organize your basement.

1 – Sort Through The Clutter

One of the most effective ways to get through piles of things that are taking up space in your basement is to sort through it all. All you need to do is use three different categories. They are:

  • Keep: items you use on a regular basis

  • Donate: items you no longer use or rarely use

  • Toss: items that are damaged or you no longer use

2 – The Donate/Toss Items

The pile you’ve designated as ‘donate’ can be dropped off at a local charity. Be sure to check first to see if the charity you have contacted will accept your donated items. The ‘toss’ pile has one more stop – the local landfill.

3 – Edit the Keepers

Now you should sort through the ‘keep’ pile once more. These items you will now put into new categories such as Books, Sporting Equipment, Clothing, etc. Once you’ve done this, assign a location for each of these categories to go in your basement. Books may be better off on shelving or boxed and stored on shelves.

4 – What Was That, Again?

Boxes are great because you can fill them and stack them in a corner somewhere. However, in order for boxes to be effective, you need to know what’s in them. Once you fill a box, be sure to label it so you will be able to find the things you are looking for that you have stored.

5 – Stacking Details

Stacking boxes that now contain sorted items that have been labeled for easy location requires some careful thought. Depending on the size and weight of the filled boxes, you will want to ensure that you have proper shelving in place. Plus, if your basement floods, you’ll want to keep these boxes high enough, so they will not be damaged. Also, if your basement tends to floor, give me a call and I’ll be happy to recommend professional who can remedy this.

6 – The Type Of Storage Boxes

For water and weather proofing, and to keep critters out of your belongings, the best kind of storage boxes are plastic. Choose a style that has either a locking lid or a lid that sits securely in place. Remember, you also want to access the things inside these boxes so do not choose a style that is difficult to open.

7 – Look To The Sky

To save some space in your basement storage area, consider hanging items that can be hung. They will be easy to access and they will also be out of the way if you require additional floor space.

Let’s Talk About Homes

I’m Jen Bedard. I know this region well and can help you locate the perfect home for your needs and help sell your current home for the best price. To find out how, just call me today at 289-213-7031.

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