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4 Strategies for Revitalizing Your Home

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

After spending a lot more time at home, you might be seeing your house in a new light. Over the past year and a half, you may have started brainstorming home improvement projects! It’s a great time to direct your creativity into refreshing your home. Real estate expert Jen Bedard shares a few helpful design tips and tricks to help you start the process!

Invest in Upholstery Cleaning

If your furniture is looking a bit shabby, it might be time to clean it. It’s a good idea to take care of this before you invite guests back into your home! As you clean your furniture, you may find that certain stains just won’t come out, no matter which strong cleaning products you use. If you run into this dilemma, you’ll need to hire an upholstery cleaning service.

Get in touch with well-regarded cleaners and ask for price quotes. You should also request referrals from satisfied customers. As you evaluate potential cleaners, eliminate companies that use all-in-one cleaning solutions - they may not be as effective.

Create a Workout Space

In the midst of this pandemic, you may have felt inspired to make some healthy lifestyle changes. Committing to these new habits is easier if you have dedicated wellness spaces in your home. If you have room for exercise machines and weights, you could set up a home gym. But if you have less space available, you could establish a home yoga studio. Wired recommends choosing a quiet space with lots of natural light and decorating it with houseplants, candles and an oil diffuser.

Make Easy DIY Repairs

If you’ve noticed certain maintenance issues in your home that need to be remedied, you don’t necessarily need to hire a contractor right away. Instead, you can fix minor repairs on your own first to save money! DIY Projects recommends taking a DIY approach to sealing water leaks, installing a new dishwasher, and fixing “sticky” doors. You can also try your hand at sprucing up your landscaping, especially if you’ve been spending more time outdoors during the pandemic. From laying down new hardscaping to planting new flowers to revitalizing your lawn, there is plenty you can do to make your yard look beautiful.

Add Some Valuable Renovations

As you consider more expensive, time-intensive projects, it’s important to determine which renovations will be most valuable. If you’re investing money into your property, you want to make sure that your investment pays off should you decide to sell your home! And if you’re thinking about putting your home on the market soon, browse local listings for homes that sold recently so you can find out which features buyers in your area want.

If you’re aiming to boost your home’s appraisal value, you’ll want to prioritize renovating spaces like your kitchen, bathroom or even your basement. Hiring a contractor for these projects is a good idea, as you might not have the tools or skills to tackle them yourself. First, outline what you envision, and then determine what you can afford to spend. For example, if a basement renovation is on your agenda, you can expect to spend anywhere from $38,000 to $98,000, which is why you want an expert contractor. Always be sure to get at least three quotes before deciding which contractor to hire.

If you’re feeling a bit bored after spending many months at home, tackling a fun design project can help you feel motivated again. With these suggestions, you can dive right in! Soon, your home will have a whole new look.

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